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Should President Trump have done more to address the opioid epidemic?

Screenshot from the Associated Press' YouTube video: Trump Declares Opioid Health Emergency
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One of the gravest problems our country faces right now is the current opioid epidemic. Thousands upon thousands of people are already addicted and more are becoming addicted to legal prescription drugs every day. When they are no longer allowed to get those drugs by prescription, they turn to drugs like heroine to get their fix. People lose their lives, and families are destroyed every day due to this horrific problem. Thursday, President Trump issued a declaration of a public health emergency to combat the problem. The question is whether the president should have done more with this first step.

Those who are satisfied with this first step feel that he is doing something, where past administrations have done nothing but ignore the problem. They feel that, by declaring an emergency, he is bringing desperately needed attention to the problem, and that, with this declaration, he is allowing the government to loosen up the rules and be able to take more direct action to combat the problem. Finally, they are thrilled that the government is finally addressing one of the great dangers to our country, and applaud the president for his action.

People who do not think it is enough immediately point out that he has not given any new money to address the problem nor has he asked Congress to earmark any. Critics point out that Democrats are asking for $45 billion in new funding to combat the epidemic while the president asks for nothing. They see this declaration as nothing but a cheap P.R. stunt that will do nothing to help with the actual problem.

Drug abuse is a scourge in our society. Countless lives and families are destroyed every day by it. The opioid epidemic and drug abuse in general may be the greatest internal threat we have in this country today. Can we turn the tide and end this problem for good? Only time will tell.

Here, the Associated Press covers President Trump’s opioid declaration of emergency:

The Issue

Did President Trump’s declaration of a public health emergency go far enough as a first step against opioid addiction? Is President Trump shinning a giant spotlight on a desperate situation that needs to be addressed, or is this merely lip service about an issue that he did nothing to help?

President Trump’s declaration is a good first step

Those who feel it was a good first step say that just giving it the attention it needs is important, and that the government is finally doing something about a horrific problem.

President Trump’s declaration was not good enough

People who think his declaration does not go far enough say that there is no new money to combat the problem, and that the declaration is a cheap publicity stunt that does nothing to help with the problem.

Do you think President Trump’s declaration of a public health emergency was a good first step against opioid addiction or a cheap stunt?

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