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Should President Trump get credit for the current booming stock market?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Should Trump get credit for stock market success?

President Trump has enjoyed a booming stock market since he was sworn into office. He took to Twitter recently to argue that the media is failing to point out the stock market gains.

Under President Trump, the Dow has gone up roughly 5,000 points, a near 25 percent jump in value, and the stock market has had numerous closing record highs since he took office. However, he did inherit a thriving stock market from his predecessor. When President Obama took office in the mist of the Great Recession, the Dow was at 7,949 points. The day he left office and he handed the reigns to President Trump, the Dow closed at 19,732. That is a 148 percent gain in value under President Obama. Since the market has continued to thrive under President Trump, a question comes to mind: Should President Trump be given the credit for the current good stock market numbers now that he is nearly one year into his term of office?

CNN asking if President Trump deserves credit for the stock market:

The Issue

Should President Trump get the credit for the current good stock market numbers? Was it the belief that the business community had in President Trump that triggered this current boom? Or, did President Obama put this boom in motion and President Trump is just reaping the benefits now?

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