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Should President Trump be interviewed under oath by Robert Mueller?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Trump: 'I'm looking forward' to Robert Mueller interview

President Donald Trump shocked many during a spontaneous interview with reporters, as he was about to leave for Davos, Switzerland, and participate in the World Economic Forum. President Trump, according to NPR, told reporters that he was “looking forward” to being interviewed by special prosecutor Robert Mueller. He commented that he “would love to do it,” and when asked, replied that he “would do it under oath.” He then stipulated that it was conditional on his lawyers’ advice.

This is not the first time he said he would do the interview under oath. He also indicated he would do so, back in June of 2017. He further added in the interview that there was “no collusion” between the Russians and his campaign. President Trump went on to say he “couldn’t have cared less about Russians having to do with my campaign.” He also bragged about what a great campaigner he was, saying of himself that he was “one of the greatest candidates.” Already several of his former campaign staff have been indicted or pled guilty to charges that did not involve the campaign itself.

With the revelation of the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already been interviewed by Mueller and that Steve Bannon will be soon, it appears this investigation is entering a new phase. The question now is: Should President Trump allow himself to be interviewed under oath by Robert Mueller?

CNN plays back and discusses Trump impromptu interview

The Issue

Should President Trump be interviewed under oath by Robert Mueller? Should he do it for the good of the country? Or, if he allowed that to happen, would he be walking into a trap?

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Written by Darren Silverman