Should President Trump be able to pull NBC News’ license?

Screen shot from Washington Post's YouTube video: ‘Frankly disgusting’: Trump blasts news media
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As seen in the tweet below, President Trump has suggested he will be looking into the licensing of NBC News for what he calls their “fake news” reports. He is specifically talking about NBC News’ report on a meeting this past summer where it is reported that President Trump asked the military for a tenfold increase to our nuclear weapons arsenal.

This is far from the first time the president has taken issue with the media. He frequently calls reports that paint him in a negative light “fake news.” But with his tweet this morning, he has upped the ante with his war with the media. The accuracy of the story is not what this debate is about. It is about whether President Trump should be able to pull NBC News’ license.

Those who think he should be able to pull NBC News’ license point to the fact that many news outlets have often distorted what the president has said or done. They see these news outlets, like NBC News, as supporting a political agenda against the president and that their false reporting is hurting the country. They feel that the president is an honest man and these media reports are made to make him appear dishonest. They point out that the reports are filled with anonymous sources and so, they can’t be true, but made up to discredit the president.

To the people who do not think he should be able to pull their license, this is a First Amendment issue. Freedom of the press and free speech can’t be suppressed by the government. If the president were allowed to do that, then we would be well on our way to living in a fascist country. The president shutting down media outlets he does not like is how we end up with government-controlled media.

With the president’s tweet this morning, he again brings attention back to his war with the media. He has been using the term “fake news” for some time now. Many of the president’s supporters see the media as pushing a far left agenda and bent on destroying the president. Others see the media as the last line of defense against what they see as an administration more and more out of control.

Here is a Washington Post video of President Trump talking about the NBC News story on our nuclear arsenal:

The Issue

Should the president be able to pull the license of NBC News? Has NBC News been pushing a false, left-wing agenda bent on destroying the president? Or, is the president dangerously close to attempting to destroy the First Amendment?

Yes, President Trump should be able to pull NBC News’ license

Those who support the president feel NBC News and other media outlets are pushing a false narrative that is hurting the country. For the safety of the nation, they must be stopped from doing any more damage.

No, President Trump should not be able to pull NBC News’ license

Those against the president feel that to shut down any media outlet is an attack on the First Amendment and, if he is allowed to do so, we will be well on our way to living in a fascist dictatorship.

Do you think the president should be able to pull NBC News’ license?

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