Should NFL players be kneeling during the national anthem?

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Sunday afternoon in the fall and winter in the United States is a time for football for most in this country. It has become a part of our culture, like apple pie, fireworks on the forth of July, and Uncle Sam. Over the past year, though, a controversy has come along each Sunday before football games begin. We are seeing protests by the NFL players. They have been kneeling during the national anthem. The protest was started by a player named Colin Kaepernick, who played with the San Francisco 49ers last year. He would take a knee during the national anthem to raise awareness of the apparent excessive number of black people who were being killed by police.

As the season went on, some of the players on the 49ers and other teams would join Kaepernick by kneeling or raising a fist in protest. This season, Colin Kaepernick is a free agent and it appears it will be unlikely he will be signed by any team this season. His protest movement appeared to be failing as well. Fewer and fewer players were protesting throughout the preseason and into the regular season. A few weeks ago, President Donald Trump decided to get involved in the issue. Among the things he said was that if people saw players kneeling during the national anthem, they should get up and leave. Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence did just that.

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  1. They keep disrespecting, let’s keep kneeling. Sad some whites and some others nationalities want to ignore the fact they are still trying to assimilate blacks who are already American. Owners and some caucasians want to disregard the lack of respect and morals these wicked,wealthy owners and business leaders have towards blacks. Cost us money and jobs because we don’t agree with your slave owners method of communicating w/employees. It’s not about disrespecting the flag, it’s about being respected as a man!

    1. Give me a freaking break. No slave in the history of mankind, no matter what ethnicity they were, what time in history it was, or what part of the world it was in has ever been paid millions of dollars to work! Stop talking about these players like they are slaves because the owners make more money than they do. The owner of every business makes more money than his employees that’s the whole point of being in business! Really, what has America come to when a millionaire is considered a slave just because of the color of his skin.

      1. If you misunderstood Caruso, it’s a protest against how blacks are in treated by police and yes by other parts of society like yourself. The word assimilate is what you wish to ignore , that the problem. The word slave in this reference is about them not to protest peacefully and the with empathy know they’re expressing the climate of America in which you attitude seem to embrace. I know we all Most and are bless to hire but does that give one the right to rob one of they freedom to speak and protest. You seem spark up for reasons you understand ! You should tell the world why in America is the number 13 relates to bad luck and darkness. I be pleased to hear your answer .

        1. scuse me! they say they are doing this in support of kappernick or whatever his name is. He did it and stated it was in disrespect for the Anthem and the American FLAG and what it stood for. Soooo…in my humble opinion the players and those that support them are convoluting the original reason for taking the so called knee. That makes the whole thing a lie!

          1. Shamoo and Caruso am signing off with this comment!Take your issues up with those brave soldiers ( black and white) that fought for not only you and president trumps freedom and liberties ( although he evaded service himself) but the rest of America as well ! I can respect each of you as men , but I can’t respect you as bigots. Teach your children respect for all men . I thank every laborer in this country owe their boss a debt of gratitude but a higher power is asking the owners to be the difference in pointing out justice and injustice so owners of other businesses respect that people of color have value in this society just as you do . Hopefully there’s not biased people like y’all doing the hiring because you’re going to cheat someone out of a good life with this ignorance.

          2. I respect all men if they deserve it mr mc, bigot, nah, think you are. what does the players have talent have to do with them showing disrespect for the Anthem and our Flag. If they truly wanted to show their true feeling for what they believe in, they would leave the nfl and the money behind and break their so called masters as you and they are trying to make them out to be. Just plain asinine!
            I am 72, so, no, I would not have their talents. I also am still working for a living as they are. I could retire anytime, just choose not too. if I were to protest something at work, I would be fired. So they get something I don’t. I served my country in Nam. I did not try to run out like clay, hiding behind being an objector on religious grounds, or clinton running to canada, nor obama just plain not serving anything.

          3. You did not mention trump in this comment , just like trump didn’t mention Rob Moore when he decided to comment on Al Frankein past sexual harassment . He know the heat is on that dirty devil ( Moore) and his (prez ) dirt is just as bad . Shamoo your age tells the story; you hated Martin Luther King and other civil rights activists whether black, white or any other group that was for respecting every mans rights. At the age of 72 you should be trying to mend the fractures ( behavior) of your ignorant past. Go pray that all the misguided teaching that people like yourself did , be atoned for by one of your offsprings . You looking for a fight all you going to get is love ( the truth) . Learn to love all mankind before the judgment

    2. They don’t have to work for the white, wealthy, oppressive owners, Nobody is making them do it.
      Oh, but whatever would they do if they walked away from the money. I say do it and find out.

  2. They have the right to kneel but who wants to pay hundreds of dollars to watch millionaires protest? Do it on your own time, start up some after school programs in the inner cities that you come from and work in but don’t use the time that I am paying for to do your protest that I don’t necessarily agree with. When I turn on a football game on tv I do it to escape politics not to have other peoples ideologies forced upon me.

  3. These players are protesting while at work. What would happened to you if you decided that you would no longer wear a tie to your office in protest of something that you did not agree with? Hmmmm. Besides if these players really cared, they have the funds and the status behind them to actually make a difference and not just cry about it. If they really cared they would come together to create a foundation that could spread awareness year round while helping those that are victims and their families. This isn’t such a huge issue because the fact that they are protesting, but because they are protesting while they are being paid at work, which reflects upon their employer. This is become a big deal because people are turning off their television sets and not watching the NFL, thus affecting the ratings and the income that the NFL is receiving. So keep on protesting, I always felt these players made too much money. Once it comes around to the next CBA and NFL ratings are down 30% the salary cap will most likely be dropped as a reflection of the lost income. Once the salary cap is dropped this will start affecting the players pay. I wonder if they’ll continue to kneel if their contracts are cut in half? That is assuming it goes that far of course, they would have to be kneeling for the next few years and I really don’t see that happening at all. I have turned off this season but I am hopeful for next season. That this will no longer be an issue, the protest will be over, and I will be able to watch my favorite game at the professional level again.

  4. You are mistaken in what Colin started kneeling for. He is anti police, pro nazi and his kneeling at first had nothing to do with police shooting armed criminals. And why should a man showing disrespect for his country, the people who died preserving his freedom does not deserve to even be a citizen much less citizen of the year.

  5. These players need to understand that is not about a choice, whether you stand or kneel, it is about your job. You have owners, managers and bosses to answer to, and most all you have your fans to answer to, this choice should not be decided on a field. Regarding the NATIONAL ANTHEM, we should all stand, for the past, for the men and women who fought for the flag, the fallen that have not returned, for our liberties and struggles, and most of all just for respect!!!

  6. If he is using free speech to encourage sedition or conspiracy aganst the government (cops, law enforcement, whites, women etc) Then his kneeling or raising a fist even, could be construed as circumstantial evidence toward unlawful speech. Now Old Oliver W. Holmes, in the 1920’s didn’t say you couldn’t yell fire ina theater if the theater was on fire. He used that analogy to liken anti government speech (aganst the draft, war etc) to support how much INTENT matters, during a crisis or war. His second opinion that supposedly showed how “pragmatic” he had become in his old age and with his close friends of a more liberal bent. Was the same type of case for sedition and/or conspiracy, but were the evidence was mostly all verbal incite to riot or oppose, through verbal speech. BUT WWI was over! So the Supremes ruled aganst the government, who brought the case, because Oliver wrote a new analogy to counter-act the previous “fire in a crowed theater analogy. This was the “clear and present danger” standard or analogy.
    So aside from all of the hundreds of speech cases and changes in law and rulings over the past 90 years, including work place and prayer. It seems to me he doesn’t technically have a “right” to kneel or disrupt or use speech of any kind to promote anarchy, riot, or anti government in general when it is used as propaganda or for personal commercial reasons. If the pledge and flag still stands for American values, than we bow our heads, kneel and have free speech through these acts due free religion and speech. We stand,salute, put a hand to our heart, to show respect, honor but not worship, when the flag or our national anthem or pledge is “under God”.
    Seems like this is history, common law, religion and speech all being rehashed again, just as it was in the 1950’s when the war was over, and young men and women came home from Europe, and realized the difference between Communism, Socialism and Capitalism. They wanted to protect America’s freedom of religion and Constition and Bill of rights in the 1950’s, in other words does the bill of rights still represent our unique values, or not? Words matter, kneeling and bowing matters. What was Kapernicks intent and what God does he serve?

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