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Should Mark Cuban run for president?

Screenshot from Fox News' YouTube video: Mark Cuban reveals possible presidential aspirations
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The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, surprised many people in an interview on Fox News where he suggested he might run for president in 2020. Cuban, who was an early Trump supporter in 2016, evolved into one of his harshest critics during the election. Cuban endorsed Hillary Clinton and was even rumored as a possible running mate for her. Cuban, when pushed, said he would run as a Republican if he decided to run for president, and that his wife would have to be on board with the idea. After this interview, it does make one ask the question: Should Mark Cuban run for president?

Those who would like to see Mark Cuban run for president see a self-made billionaire who, because of his humble beginnings, can actually relate to the everyday person. Also, they feel he has a fighter’s mentality and quick wit that could stand up to President Trump and his negative attacks. Plus, he is already a well-known person through his time as an NBA owner and being on the show Shark Tank. Finally, people are tired of the same old politicians who never get anything done. They want someone who is outside the box and can accomplish what they set out to do.

People who are against Cuban running feel he has no chance to win. They feel that his past, as a college pub operator and party thrower, will come back to haunt him. Also, they feel he really doesn’t understand how politics and the country work, because all of his predictions as to what would happen if President Trump won have failed to come true. Plus, a lot of people don’t like his brash personality and feel he is untrustworthy. Finally, they feel that if Cuban ran for president he would guarantee a Trump second term and they really don’t want that.

Mark Cuban running for president would be fascinating to watch. He is a self-made billionaire who will tell you exactly what he feels. No doubt, a presidential debate between he and President Trump would be a sight to see. If Mark Cuban runs, could he beat President Trump and go on to win the presidency? Anything is possible.

Mark Cuban reveals he is thinking about running for president in this interview with Fox News:

The Issue

Should Mark Cuban run for president in 2020? Would he be the self-made man that could defeat President Trump, or would he be, as some people see him, just another politically unqualified candidate with a questionable background?

Yes, Mark Cuban should run for president in 2020

Those who want Mark Cuban to run say he is the perfect candidate to beat President Trump – a self-made billionaire who could really connect to the common man.

No, Mark Cuban should not run for president in 2020

People who oppose Mark Cuban running view him as a brash loudmouth who would guarantee Trump a second term if he ran.

Do you think Mark Cuban should run for president?

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