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Should LaVar Ball be grateful to President Trump?

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Three basketball players for UCLA made headlines for all the wrong reasons on November 7, when they were arrested for shoplifting in China. The players, LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill, were accused of stealing from three stores, including from the Louis Vuitton store next to their hotel in Hangzhou, China. The players, facing a possible 10-year prison sentence, were spared facing trial and allowed to come home, thanks to President Trump. The president contacted China’s President Xi Jinping and asked for the players to be allowed to come home. The players were allowed to come home and, when asked about the president’s help, LaVar Ball, LiAngelo’s father, said to ESPN, “Who?” He went on further to say, “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.” This prompted the president to indicate on Twitter that he should have left the players in jail. Despite the president’s response, a question does come to mind. Was LaVar Ball being ungrateful towards President Trump?

Those who feel LaVar Ball was being ungrateful think he really owed the president his thanks. They argue that the president used precious political capital with China to secure the players’ release, after they had disgraced themselves over in China. Also, they feel that maybe this attitude of LaVar Ball towards the president explains his son’s behavior. Plus, no matter what LaVar Ball might think, they believe President Trump spared his son a long, painful process that could have ended with his son in a Chinese prison for the next 10 years and, for that, he should be thankful.

People who feel that LaVar Ball doesn’t need to be grateful to the president point out, as a U.S. citizen, the president had to try and help him. They feel, the fact that the president needs a pat on the back so badly, if he doesn’t get it he will want to let a kid rot in jail for 10 years, is disgusting. Also, they point out that the president has so much to do and gets so much attention he should just move on and do his job. Finally, they think that, whether or not he is actually grateful, LaVar Ball has brilliantly gotten more attention for his brand, at the president’s expense.

TMZ Sports covering LaVar Ball’s return from China:

The Issue

Should LaVar Ball be grateful to the president? Did the president save LiAngelo Ball from a long prison sentence? Or was the president just doing his job and doesn’t need to be thanked for it?

LaVar Ball should be grateful

Those who feel LaVar Ball should be grateful say that the president saved his son. They feel that, no matter what your politics, you should show your gratitude for getting your son back home.

LaVar Ball doesn’t need to be grateful

People who don’t think he needs to be grateful say the president is required to help any U.S. citizen, no matter who they are. They feel that the president should quit looking for thanks for doing his job and get on with his life.

Do you think LaVar Ball should be grateful to the president?

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