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Should Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg retire?

Screenshot from BBC Newsnight's YouTube video: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg rare interview: 'It's not the best of times' - BBC Newsnight
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One of the big concerns for both sides of the aisle is the Supreme Court. The court is the final arbiter of the country, and control of it politically is crucial for both political parties. What makes gaining control so difficult is that each of the nine justices has a lifetime appointment. So if a justice dies, like in the case of Justice Scalia last year, it is earth-shattering news in the country. A justice can retire, if they wish, and their successor will be appointed by the president and confirmed by Congress. The most likely justice to retire next is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is 84 years old and was appointed to the court by President Clinton in 1993. Her retirement would give the Republicans a stronger advantage on the court and would give them control of the court for possibly decades. Justice Ginsburg has repeatedly said, when it comes to retirement, “My answer is as long as I can do the job full steam, I will do it.” The question is: At 84 years of age, regardless of party, should Justice Ginsburg retire?

Those who feel Justice Ginsburg should retire argue that, at her advanced age, she cannot possibly be up to the job anymore. They feel that someone at her age probably no longer has the mental capabilities to be making such important decisions. Also, many feel that there should be age limits on Supreme Court justices because, at a certain age, they can’t do the job anymore. Finally, they feel she should retire because, at her age, she could very likely die during a case, causing a great delay in any ruling.

People who feel Justice Ginsburg should not retire feel that a lifetime appointment means just that: She can be there till she dies, if that is what she wishes. Plus, many feel she is too crucial to keeping the court in balance and, if she left now, conservatives would have complete control of the court for decades. Also, her voice is a needed liberal voice on the court. Finally, many people see President Trump as a dangerous man and he should have as limited a say on the court as possible.

The judicial branch may be the forgotten branch of the federal government, but it may be the most important of the three. Supreme Court justices have lifetime appointments so they cannot be swayed by the political whims of the country. They are there to decide what is legal and what is not. Should Justice Ginsburg retire? That is up to her.

Here is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s interview with BBC Newsnight:

The Issue

Should Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg retire? Has she reached an age where she can no longer perform her duties properly, or should she stay because a lifetime appointment gives her the right to stay as long as she wants?

Yes, Justice Ginsburg should retire

People who feel Justice Ginsburg should retire say that she can no longer perform her duties. They feel that she is involved in decisions that are too important for a person who can no longer be up to the job mentally or physically.

No, Justice Ginsburg should not retire

Those who feel she should not retire say that she is too important to the court now to walk away. They feel that, if she retired, the court would be in conservative control for decades.

Do you think Justice Ginsburg should retire?

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