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Should Joe Biden run for president in 2020?

Screenshot from TheEllenShow's YouTube video: Vice President Joe Biden on Running for President in 2020
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With President Trump’s poll numbers at historic lows for this point in a first term of a presidency, people are starting to look to the 2020 election. Many names have surfaced as possible candidates for the Democratic nomination. Perhaps the most intriguing of those names is former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden would make a formidable candidate with his 36 years in the Senate and eight as the vice president. Biden, though, would be nearly 78 years old on election day in 2020. Plus, he has tried twice before to run for president and both times lost badly. He has not ruled out a run in 2020 though, which raises the question: Should Joe Biden run for president in 2020?

Those who would like to see him run in 2020 believe he has all the tools to, not just win, but be a great president as well. They feel, with his working class roots and his close relationship with President Obama, he can bring minorities and working class whites together. He has the leadership skills that this country badly needs right now. Plus, he has the confidence and quick wit that can stand up to Trump’s insults. Finally, they see him as the man that can fix the divides in this country.

People who don’t want him to run feel that it is time for a new generation of Democrats to take over. They feel that, right now, the biggest problem the Democrats have is that their leaders are too old and out of touch with the country. People like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and, yes, Joe Biden are the establishment, and the Democrats need and antiestablishment candidate in 2020. Finally, Biden and his connection to the Obama administration would be too much to overcome, as many blame the Obama administration for the rise of Donald Trump.

Joe Biden discussing the possibility of running in 2020 on The Ellen Show:

The Issue

Should Joe Biden run for president in 2020? Is he the experienced leader this country needs? Or, has time passed him by and he should move on from politics?

Yes, Biden should run in 2020

People who want Joe Biden to run say he is the man who can reunite this country. With his working class roots and his respect in the minority communities, he can be the one to heal the divides in this country.

No, Biden shouldn’t run in 2020

Those who don’t want Biden to run say that he is part of the Democratic establishment that has lost touch with the country. They feel that what is needed in 2020 is someone new, not another long time resident of Washington and the establishment.

Do you think Joe Biden should run for president in 2020?

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