Should girls be allowed to enter the Boy Scouts?

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Wednesday, the Boy Scouts of America, in a historic move, announced that girls will now be admitted to the Boy Scouts. Starting next year, there will be separate girls and boys cub dens and these dens will be allowed to merge to form cub packs. Then, in 2019, a program will be introduced for older girls to work towards the coveted rank of Eagle Scout. Girls are already allowed to take part in Sea Scouts and Venturing. This decision has set off a firestorm of reactions from people around the country against it. It begs the question, given the vehemence of the reaction against this decision: Should girls be allowed in the Boy Scouts?

Those who support this decision point out that the values that Boy Scouts teach to young men can be taught to girls as well, and that the rank of Eagle Scout opens many doors to young men that women cannot enter, and this is fundamentally unfair. Further, by having boys and girls in scouts together, it is teaching young men, from an early age, to have respect for what girls are capable of doing. Finally, with today’s family structures, like single parent homes, having a place that you can take both your sons and daughters is a huge benefit to those families.

People against girls being admitted into Boy Scouts point out an obvious fact: It is called the BOY Scouts. In their view, that means boys only. They also say that girls already have a place to go, and that is the Girl Scouts. In fact, many feel that, by admitting girls to the Boy Scouts, they are doing great damage to the Girl Scouts by shrinking the pool of possible members. Another valid point is that, as the kids get older, going on camping trips together can give them opportunities for inappropriate behavior between the male and female scouts.

With the admittance of girls to the Boy Scouts, the Boy Scouts will obviously never be the same. There will be effects that none of us can predict, but, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Girls will be given opportunities that they have never had before. This will be breaking a tradition that is over a century old, that boys go to Boy Scouts and girls go to Girl Scouts. Plus, this can be doing great harm to the Girl Scouts.

This MSNBC clip covers girls being allowed to join the Boy Scouts

The Issue

Should girls be allowed to join the Boy Scouts? Are the Boy Scouts giving girls a great opportunity, or, do girls joining the Boy Scouts cause horrible damage to the Boy Scouts?

Yes, girls should be allowed in the Boy Scouts

Those in favor of the girls joining the Boy Scouts see this as a wonderful thing. They see girls getting a chance to learn new and valuable life lessons. Plus, girls will finally have the chance to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

No, girls should not be allowed in the Boy Scouts

Those against girls joining the Boy Scouts see this as a devastating blow to the Boy Scouts. They point to the fact that girls have their own organization in the Girl Scouts program. Plus, with girls entering Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts will be hurt.

Do you think girls should be allowed to join Boy Scouts?

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