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Should General Kelly apologize to Rep. Wilson?

Screenshot from NBC News' YouTube video: General John Kelly Takes Issue With Rep. Frederica Wilson’s Tone At 2015 FBI Ceremony | NBC News
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On October 19, White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly accused House of Representatives member Frederica Wilson of grandstanding at an event and claiming responsibility for securing the funding for the new building. He also accused her of politicizing a condolence phone call that the president made to a grieving widow, and called her an “empty barrel.” Footage was soon revealed that disproved Kelly’s claims that she was bragging about getting the funding. Also, many feel his calling her an “empty barrel” was racist. The congressional black caucus went so far as to demand an apology from the general. In an interview with Fox News, General Kelly refused to apologize for his remarks about the congresswoman. In light of the video evidence showing that, at the very least, he was wrong and, at worst, lying, should the general apologize?

Those who feel General Kelly should apologize feel that if he truly is an honorable man he should stand up and apologize for being wrong. They feel that, by refusing to apologize, he is just being stubborn and is hurting his reputation. People feel that when you make a mistake you stand up and take responsibility for it, and the general is failing to do so. Finally, people don’t feel that he misspoke, or was being rude, but that he flat out lied about the congresswoman and he owes her an apology.

People who don’t think he should apologize argue that he was calling out a person for politicizing a widow’s grief for cheap political points, and she doesn’t deserve an apology. They feel that there was nothing racial with the “empty barrel” comment, so he doesn’t need to apologize for it. They see the media as the ones who are wronging the general by treating him unfairly, and he is right to stand his ground. Finally, if there is anyone in this whole situation that deserves an apology, it is General Kelly, not Rep. Wilson.

The situation between the general and the congresswoman is overshadowing the deaths of four soldiers. Those are four young men who have families who are shattered and will be so for years to come. We, as a nation, need to remember those four men. Should the general apologize? That is for you to decide.

In this clip NBC News shows General Kelly’s remarks on Rep. Wilson:

The Issue

Should General Kelly apologize to Rep. Frederica Wilson? Did he misrepresent what she said two years ago and use a racially insensitive term towards her, or has the media needlessly made a bigger deal out of the situation than is warranted?

Yes, General Kelly should apologize

Those who feel General Kelly should apologize say, at best, he misspoke, at worst, he lied, so he owes the congresswoman an apology.

No, he doesn’t need to apologize

People who don’t think he needs to apologize say that he did nothing wrong. He rightfully went after someone who was politicizing a tragedy.

Do you think General Kelly should apologize?

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