Should the DHS have ended the Haitians’ Temporary Protected Status?

Screenshot from CBS Miami's YouTube video: Trump Administration Ending Temporary Protection Status For Haitians

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on Monday that it would terminate the Temporary Protected Status of nearly 59,000 Haitian residents in the U.S. The Haitians were granted temporary status after a 7.0 earthquake in January 2010. The Haitians now have 18 months to return home or risk deportation starting July 22, 2019. The DHS has the power to grant temporary status to residents of a country that is involved in a civil war, has a natural disaster, or an epidemic and the country can’t handle the return of the immigrants. At this time, the DHS believes that Haiti has now recovered enough to allow their people to come home. With this announcement it does make one question whether the DHS made the right decision in ending the Haitians’ Temporary Protected Status.

This CBS Miami video covers the end of the Temporary Protection Status for Haitian residents:

The Issue

Did the DHS make the right decision to end the Temporary Protected Status of Haitians who live here? Is eight years enough time for Haiti to have recovered? Or, is Haiti incapable of handling that big a group of people re-entering their country?

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