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Should Democrats end the superdelegate system?

Screenshot from CBS News' YouTube video: Superdelegates explained
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Recently, Senator Tim Kaine surprised people when he joined the likes of Senator Bernie Sanders with a call to end the use of superdelegates at the Democratic National Convention. Superdelegates are unpledged delegates comprised of elected officials and influential party members. They can vote for whomever they wish, regardless of how their state or district voted. The use of superdelegates have become controversial in recent campaigns because they are seen as giving establishment candidates an unfair advantage. With Senator Kaine and Senator Sanders on the same side of the issue, it makes one wonder, should the Democrats end the use of superdelegates in their presidential nominating process?

People who wish to end the use of superdelegates feel that they are an outdated notion that can usurp the will of the people. Many are afraid that the establishment can use the superdelegate system to deny the nomination to a grassroots candidate who won in the primaries. Also, if the superdelegates were done away with, you would end campaigns that had clearly lost but are staying in much too long because they believe they can get the superdelegates to give them the nomination.

Those in favor of keeping the superdelegates feel they are the last line of defense against a dangerous candidate. They look to what happened to the Republicans in 2016 as an example. If Republicans had something like superdelegates, they could have denied the nomination to President Trump. Also, the last thing Democrats want to do is become more like the Republicans, so many out there want to keep the system. There are people who feel you could possibly reform or just tweak the system, but they don’t want it gotten rid of entirely.

Video from CBS News explaining what a superdelegate is:

The Issue

Should the Democrats do away with the superdelegate system? Is the superdelegate a mechanism that can possibly block the will of the people? Or, is it the last line of defense against populists taking over the party?

Yes, eliminate the superdelegates

Those who want to eliminate the system say that it is an unfair establishment tool that can be used to deny the will of the people. They believe that hopeless campaigns use superdelegates as an excuse to stay in a race long after they have lost.

No, don’t eliminate the superdelegates

People who want to keep the system say that it is a needed defense against the rise of candidates like Donald Trump. They feel that if the Republicans had a system similar to the superdelegates, Donald Trump would never have gotten the nomination or the presidency.

Do you think Democrats should end the superdelegate system?

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