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Should Cyntoia Brown be set free?

Screenshot from Fox News' YouTube video: Sex trafficking victim who killed captor finds celeb allies

A former prostitute named Cyntoia Brown has served 13 years of a life sentence in Tennessee for killing a man named Johnny Mitchell Allen. Allen, who was 43 years old at the time of his murder, had picked her up for sex. The events leading up to his murder are unclear, but afterwards, she stole some of his belongings. As a result, she was convicted of first degree murder and aggravated robbery.

Brown had run away from home and gone to Nashville when she was a teenager. There she met a man nicknamed “Kut Throat.” Brown claims he raped her and forced her into a life of prostitution. Allen picked her up one day, took her back to his house, and showed her some of his guns. According to Brown, at some point Allen started to reach for something under the bed. Fearing for her life, Brown took a gun from her purse and shot him. She took what money she could find and two guns and returned to Kut Throat. She would later be arrested, tried as an adult, and convicted for murder.

While in prison, Brown has received her GED and her associate degree from Lipscomb University. What makes Brown different from other convicts is that she was only 16 years old when she was sentenced. Given Brown’s youth and circumstances at the time of her crime, as well as all that she has accomplished in her 13 years in prison, many are wondering if she should be set free.

FOX News covered the case of Cyntoia Brown:

The Issue

Should Cyntoia Brown be allowed to leave prison after only serving 13 years of her life sentence? Was Brown unjustly tried as an adult by a faulty judicial system that did not recognize child trafficking at the time of her conviction? Conversely, was Brown rightly tried and convicted on a level that corresponds with the crimes she committed?

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