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Should Congress repeal the ACA’s individual mandate?

Screenshot from MSNBC's YouTube video: Senate GOP Looks to Include Obamacare Mandate Repeal In Tax Bill | MSNBC
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Throughout the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) existence, the part people dislike the most is the individual mandate. The mandate requires that Americans maintain some form of health insurance or they will be forced to pay a penalty. The Republicans in Congress, in a bit of a surprising move, are trying to repeal the mandate through their efforts on tax reform. They have added a provision in the Senate’s tax reform plan to repeal the mandate, and have offered to later work in a bipartisan effort to pass the Alexander-Murray bill, which would restore federal insurance subsidies to insurers. If the mandate is repealed, an estimated 13 million people will lose their healthcare insurance over the next decade. Given that it is so unpopular with Americans though, should Congress move forward to repeal the individual mandate?

People who are in favor of repealing the mandate argue it is an unfair tax on poor people. They feel the mandate is devastating to poor people because they are the ones who can’t afford insurance, not the wealthy or the middle class. People feel the mandate is forcing people to buy something they don’t want or can’t afford, and the government has no right to do so. They feel it is not the place of the government to decide if a person has insurance or not, it is up to the individual.

Those in favor of keeping the mandate argue that this is a desperate attempt by the Republicans to again try to kill Obamacare. They feel that ending the mandate will be kicking 13 million people off their health insurance to try and give massive tax cuts to Republican donors. They contend that, if the mandate is repealed, premiums and deductible prices will skyrocket, making it impossible for poor people to ever get insurance.

MSNBC covering the plan to repeal the individual mandate through tax reform:

The Issue

Should Congress repeal the individual mandate? Is Congress trying to remove a hated tax that is unfair to poor people? Or, is this a desperate attempt to again try to kill Obamacare?

Yes, Congress should repeal the individual mandate

People who want the mandate repealed say that the mandate is crushing poor people financially. They feel that the poorest among us are the ones who pay this tax because they are the ones who can’t afford insurance.

No, Congress should not repeal the individual mandate

Those who want to keep the mandate say that its repeal will cost 13 million people their insurance. They feel that, without the mandate, prices will skyrocket and it will make insurance near impossible to afford for most Americans.

Do you think Congress should repeal the individual mandate?

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