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Should Congress pass the DREAM Act?

Screenshot from Washington Post's YouTube video: 'Dream Act now:' Students lead protest inside Hart Senate office building
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Thursday saw a large group of protesters occupy the Hart Senate Building in an attempt to pressure Congress to pass the DREAM Act. The DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act would allow roughly 800,000 immigrants, who were brought here illegally when they were children, to stay in the country. The bill was introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham and has nine cosponsors in the Senate. The protesters were made up of Washington, D.C., high school and college students who walked out of class to attend the protests. President Trump had given Congress a six-month window to solve the problem of the dreamers’ status in this country. Two months have passed and a deal still has not been reached. Conservatives want an e-verify program that would prevent undocumented immigrants from being hired and an end to the Diversity Visa program, while many Democrats want the bill to give the dreamers a path to citizenship. With the clock ticking on the dreamers, should Congress end the negotiations and pass the Senate DREAM Act?

People who want the DREAM Act passed feel that immigrants are what have made this country great. They feel that, since our country’s founding, people from all over the world have come here and made this country great. They feel the dreamers are a part of that. These are people who came here when they were kids and have built their lives here. People feel that they add so much to this society it would hurt this country to remove them, and it would be cruel to send them away from the only homes they have ever really known.

Those who do not want the DREAM Act passed feel that it would be rewarding people who’ve committed a crime. They feel that, no matter what their ages may have been when they came here, it was still a crime. By rewarding the dreamers, you are insulting the people who followed the rules and came here legally. Finally, Congress should be concentrating on American citizens, not on those who don’t belong here.

Washington Post showing the dreamer protest:

The Issue

Should Congress pass the DREAM Act? Have these people done nothing wrong and, therefore, should be allowed to stay? Or, are the dreamers criminals and need to be sent home?

Yes, Congress should pass the DREAM Act

Those who want the DREAM Act passed say it would do more harm to this country to remove the dreamers than by letting them stay. They feel that, to remove them from the lives they have built here, and to many the only homes they have ever known, is cruel.

No, Congress should not pass the DREAM Act

People who don’t want the DREAM Act passed say that the dreamers are criminals. To reward them by letting them stay is an insult to all those immigrants who came here legally.

Do you think Congress should pass the DREAM Act?

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