Should Confederate monuments be removed?

Screen shot from PBS NewsHour's YouTube video: Why America is wrestling with Confederate monuments
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One of the more difficult decisions we have in this country is what to do about Confederate monuments that are across the South and in small areas of the North. These monuments were mainly put up during the Jim Crow era and also during the Civil Rights Movement in the ’60s. These monuments represent a symbol that has very different meanings to people. One side sees it as a part of their heritage of which to be proud. The other side sees it as a symbol of slavery and treason. Should these monuments be removed?

Those in favor of removing the monuments see them as a symbol of slavery. They see them as glorifying a group of people that fought to keep millions of people enslaved. Others will point out that the Confederates were committing treason against the government of the United States and it is offensive to those that have given their lives, throughout our history, for this country, to have those monuments stand. People also point to when these monuments went up, as proof to show they are nothing more than monuments to white supremacy.

People who want the monuments to stay say that they are part of our heritage. They don’t represent slavery, but our history. They feel that if we take them down, then we are denying this country’s heritage. Many who want the monuments to stay are descendants of Confederate soldiers and see the taking down of these monuments as disrespecting their ancestors. People who support the keeping of the monuments also see them as a symbol of a noble people fighting for a cause in which they believed.

No matter what side of the issue you are on, there is no denying that the Confederate monuments around this country are a symbol. What they are symbolic of is open to debate. One side sees brutality and treason. The other sees them honoring part of the history of this country.

PBS Newshour had a conversation about Confederate monuments:

The Issue

Should we remove the Confederate monuments? Are they a symbol of slavery and treason and, as such, should be scorned? Or, are they a marker of our history and, as such, should remain and be respected?

In favor of removing Confederate monuments

Those who want the monuments gone see them as a symbol of slavery and treason. They feel they are offensive and must be removed.

Against removing Confederate monuments

People against their removal see them as a reminder of our history and a monument to our ancestors.

So, what do you think? Should Confederate monuments be removed?

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