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Should climate change be considered a national security threat?

Screenshot from CBS This Morning's YouTube video: Al Gore on why climate change is a national security threat

President Trump is continuing his tendency of changing Obama era policy. In 2016, President Obama issued a memo requiring all national security policies to “fully consider the impacts of climate change.” President Obama based this requirement on the military’s concerns with the effects of climate change on the country’s security. Now, with the release of his administration’s National Security Strategy report, President Trump is breaking from that position by eliminating climate change as a threat to national security.

This is not the first time President Trump has reversed an Obama era climate change position. Earlier this year, he withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement. President Trump has also focused on revitalizing the coal industry where as President Obama looked towards new green technology over fossil fuels. With the revision in policy towards climate change and national security, a question comes to mind: Should climate change be considered a threat to national security?

CBS This Morning talked to Al Gore about climate change and its dangers.

The Issue

Should climate change be considered a national security threat? Is climate change an imagined threat by alarmists? Or, is climate change the greatest threat the country faces today?

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