Should Catalonia declare independence?

Screen shot from CBS Evening News' YouTube video: Catalonia expected to declare independence from Spain this week
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Troubles reign in northern Spain as the Catalonia region continues to ponder whether or not they should declare independence from Spain. On October 1, there was a referendum on that issue in the region that was marred by violence with the police. The results of the vote were that 90 percent were in favor of independence. However, there was only a 43 percent voter turnout. Sunday saw a massive protest in Barcelona against independence. The number of protesters was estimated around 350,000 people. Organizers of the event claimed there were 950,000 people. Whatever the number, it was an impressive sight. With this happening in Spain, the question is raised: Should Catalonia declare independence from Spain?

Those in favor of independence will argue that Catalonia has a long history of autonomy dating back a thousand years. They will tell you that the government in Madrid is becoming more and more fascist, that their policies have been encroaching on the long tradition of Catalan autonomy which is intolerable and, finally, the simple fact is those supporting independence want their own country.

People against Catalan independence argue that, simply put, Catalonia is completely unready to be its own country. They would need their own currency, they would no longer be part of the EU, and Catalans would no longer be citizens of either Spain or the EU. Others point out that the referendum was an illegal vote, and all the irregularities that came along with it. Plus, the people who are against independence feel that Catalonia is stronger with Spain than it is apart from it.

Should Catalonia declare independence? That is the question of the day. The region has a thousand years of history of running its own affairs. They see Madrid returning to the ways of Francisco Franco and many there want out. On the other hand, you have a great many people who do not wish to leave Spain. They believe this movement is being driven by a minority of people and those people are ignoring the majority.

In this clip, CBS News covers what is going on in Catalonia:

The Issue

Should Catalonia declare independence? Is it time for a region who has a thousand years of history to become its own nation, or are they trying to tear many of their citizens away from their rightful country?

Catalonia should declare independence

People for independence point out the tradition of autonomy the region has enjoyed. They also point out that Madrid has been, in their opinion, acting more and more fascist. Also, they point to their overwhelming win in the referendum.

Catalonia should stay part of Spain

People who want Catalonia to remain part of Spain will point out that the region is stronger as part of Spain than apart from it. They talk about how the referendum was an illegal vote, and they say Catalonia is unready to be its own country.

Do you think Catalonia should become their own nation?

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