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Should Bernie Sanders run for president in 2020?

Screenshot from The Young Turks' YouTube video: Bernie Sanders 2020?

With the presidential election still nearly three years away, you would think it would be too early to talk about it. But with President Trump’s record low approval ratings for this stage of a presidency, there is more and more talk of who might challenge the president in 2020 for the Democrats. One name continues to surface as the possible front-runner and that is Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. Sanders came very close to upsetting Hillary Clinton for the nomination in 2016 and still has passionate support among his followers. His front-runner status is surprising because he still is a registered Independent and a socialist to boot. There is still a lot of hard feelings between the Bernie wing and the Hillary wing of the Democratic party over the 2016 primary. This would probably cause Senator Sanders a lot of difficulty in securing the nomination in 2020. Still, with his possible front-runner status heading into the primaries for 2020, it makes one ask a question. Should Senator Sanders run for president in 2020?

The Young Turks covering the possibility of Bernie Sanders running for president:

The Issue

Should Senator Sanders run for president in 2020? Is he the best suited to defeat President Trump? Or is it time for a new generation of Democrats?

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