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Should Al Franken resign from the Senate?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Woman alleges Franken groped her without consent
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Another high profile person has been caught up in the wave of people coming forward about sexual assault. Senator Al Franken from Minnesota has been accused by Leann Tweeden, a broadcaster and former model, of forcibly kissing and groping her during a USO tour in 2006. She indicated that Franken, during a rehearsal for a skit they were doing later, convinced her to practice a kiss that was part of the performance. She didn’t want to practice the kiss but he persisted and she finally agreed. He then forcibly grabbed her and kissed her. During the flight back to the U.S., she fell asleep and, after the flight, she learned Franken had groped her. There is a photo of him doing this. Franken claims he was trying to be funny while that photo was taken. With this incident coming to light, a question comes to mind: Should Al Franken resign from the Senate?

Those who think Franken should resign feel that his actions are indefensible. Leann Tweeden was asleep and did not give permission for him to touch her. People feel, whether you are a senator or a garbageman, that type of behavior can’t be condoned and he should go. They also feel that, with all the calls for Roy Moore to drop out of the Alabama Senate race for his conduct with women in the past, Franken should be held to the same standard.

People who don’t think he should resign feel his apology is enough. They contend that the incident occurred before Franken was a senator, and while he was a comedian. They believe that he was clearly joking for his audience and touched her on the flak jacket she was wearing, not on her body. They feel that we can’t hold people to today’s standards, for actions that took place more than ten years ago. Finally, they think that one stupid moment should not wipe out all the good he has done as a senator.

CNN covering the Al Franken allegations:

The Issue

Should Al Franken resign from the Senate? Were his actions unforgivable and should they disqualify him from being a senator? Or, was it a joke that took place long ago and should be forgiven?

Yes, Al Franken should resign

People who think he should resign say that he was touching a woman without her permission while she was asleep. They feel that, no matter who you are or what line of work you’re in, you should be held accountable.

No, Al Franken should not resign

Those who don’t think he should resign say that it was a joke and an apology is fine. They feel that he was trying to be funny on a long flight and it was inappropriate at worst.

Do you think Al Franken should resign from the Senate?

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