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Should abortions of fetuses with a Down syndrome diagnosis be illegal?

Screenshot from NBC4 WCMH-TV Columbus' YouTube video: Bill banning Down syndrome abortions heads to Ohio governor

A bill in Ohio, banning abortions after tests reveal Down syndrome in a fetus or if there’s “any other reason to believe” the fetus has the genetic condition, is on its way to Governor John Kasich’s desk. Ohio House Bill 214 passed the state Senate by a vote of 20-12, Wednesday. Governor Kasich now has 10 days to sign the bill or veto it. He can, if he so chooses, ignore the bill, giving it a silent veto. Laws similar to this one were passed in Indiana and North Dakota. The Indiana law was blocked by the courts, but the North Dakota law went into effect in 2013.

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that affects cognitive ability, causing mild to severe learning disabilities and distinctive facial characteristics. The condition can be diagnosed during pregnancy through prenatal screening tests. Treatment can include speech, occupational, emotional and other therapies; supplements and drugs; and assistive devices. With this bill on its way to the governor, a question comes to mind. Should abortions of a fetus with a Down syndrome diagnosis be illegal?

Local Ohio NBC channel covering the passing of the bill in the legislature:

The Issue

Should abortions of a fetus with Down syndrome be illegal? Do these babies deserve their chance at life? Or, if abortion for one reason is legal, then must all reasons be legal?

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Written by Darren Silverman