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Should abortion be legal?

Screen shot from VICE News' YouTube video: Trump's Administration Is Blocking An Undocumented Teen From Having An Abortion (HBO)
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The case of a pregnant 17 year old girl being held at a Texas Immigration Detention Center has captured the attention of many people in this country. The girl who is being referred to as Jane Doe in order to protect her identity wants to get an abortion. The Office of Refugee Resettlement is refusing to allow her to obtain one. The young woman has gone so far as to file suit.

Currently, the case is being reviewed by the D.C. Court of Appeals. Due to the fact that the U.S. District Court ruled that the young woman could obtain an abortion, there is a temporary injunction blocking that ruling while the case is being heard by the appeals court. With all that going on perhaps it is time to look at a bigger issue. Should abortion be legal at all?

People who are pro-choice feel that it is not the government’s place to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. They point to the decision of Roe Vs Wade and say that this issue was decided decades ago and abortion being legal is the law of the land. Also, they say that if abortion were illegal again it would not stop abortions. Women would go to back alley places that are unsafe to obtain one or try other extreme measures to have an abortion. Finally, pro-choice advocates say it is just wrong for someone to force their moral and religious beliefs on another person.

Pro-life supporters view abortion as murder. They believe that life begins at conception and to deliberately end that life, even in the first few weeks, is an abomination. They argue that they are fighting for the rights of that unborn child to live where as that unborn child’s mother is denying that child’s right to life.

Abortion is the issue that may be the most passionately contested in this country. Those who are pro-choice see themselves as battling for a woman’s right to control her own body. Pro-life advocates see themselves as battling to save the lives of unborn children. Who is in the right on this issue?

Vice News on HBO covered Jane Doe’s case:

The issue

Should abortion be made illegal in this country? Is the pro-choice movement doing what is right in fighting for a woman’s right to choose, or is the pro-life movement right in battling to protect the rights of the unborn child?


People who are pro-choice say that a woman should be the one who ultimately decides what is right for her body, not someone else. She is the one who has final say over her life.


Those who are pro-life argue that abortion is murder, plain and simple. Plus, if you are going to argue about people’s rights,  then, consider the right to live for that unborn child.

Do you think abortion should be legal?

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