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SHARK TANK’ KEVIN O’LEARY says MAGIC made a big mistake FOR QUITTING LAKERS. What do you think?

screenshot from tmzsports on Youtube Kevin O'Leary Rips Magic Johnson for Quitting Lakers, Blames LeBron | TMZ Sports
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Recently, Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful said that Magic Johnson, the NBA legend, messed up by quitting the Lakers. Kevin O’Leary wasn’t disrespectful — in fact, he likes Magic a lot — but he thinks the guy made a huge mistake by suddenly stepping down as Pres. of Basketball Operations.

“He made a decision which I think was the wrong one,” Kev told us on his way out of ABC Studios in NYC. Ultimately, Kevin thinks the breakup is as nasty as they come — comparing the split to a marriage falling apart.

Do you think that Kevin O’Leary is right to point out that Magic Johnson made a big mistake by quitting lakers?


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Written by Darren Silverman