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What are Senator Corker’s motives for criticizing President Trump?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Sen. Corker says Trump is an untruthful president
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Earlier today, President Trump reignited his feud with Republican Senator Bob Corker. On Twitter, the president attacked Senator Corker in a variety of ways – from his part in the Iran deal, to calling him a “lightweight,” to saying he could not get elected dog catcher, to his size, by calling him “liddle.” In response, Senator Corker, in an interview with CNN, attacked the president accusing him of debasing the country, being untruthful, not being a role model for children, and saying he would not support President Trump again when it came to getting him elected. These comments by Senator Corker do raise an interesting question. What are Senator Corker’s motives in his statement about the president?

Those who feel Senator Corker is just being honest point immediately to the president’s tweets on Monday. With all he has going on, he, out of the blue, attacks a senator he desperately needs in order to get his agenda through. Also, the president, in their minds, has continually been caught in lie after lie on a variety of things since before he took office. In addition, they feel the president’s behavior and his lack of understanding world affairs is further proof that Senator Corker is telling the truth. Finally, Senator Corker has one of the best reputations in Washington, D.C., as a serious and knowledgeable person and, if it comes down to a who do you believe between the president and him, they will go with Senator Corker every time.

People who feel he has ulterior motives argue that Senator Corker was in line for some top cabinet posts, or even the vice presidency, and was passed over. They see him as a man who never got national notice until his feud with the president, and is using that to elevate his status nationwide. They view him as a hypocrite because he continues to vote with the president on issues, and was a key player in getting him elected. Finally, they do not see his statements as a man standing up for the country, but as a man who is about to go into retirement and is desperately trying to stay relevant.

In the days of President Trump, the news is seemingly never dull. This is just the latest in a constant march of controversies for the president. Is he debasing the country, as Senator Corker says? That is for the people to decide when he runs for reelection in 2020.

Here is CNN’s interview with Senator Corker:

The Issue

What were Senator Corker’s motives in his statement today? Was he being honest and speaking his mind, or is he carrying a grudge against the president?

Senator Corker is just being honest

Those who feel Senator Corker is just being honest say to look at the president’s record and you have all the proof you need that Senator Corker is telling the truth.

Senator Corker has an ulterior motive

People who feel Senator Corker has an ulterior motive say he has been carrying a grudge against the president for awhile and is now trying to smear him.

What do you think? Does Senator Corker have ulterior motives for criticizing the president?

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