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Is now the time to debate gun control?

Screen shot from CBS Evening News' YouTube video: Calls for tighter gun control resurface in wake of Vegas massacre
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Whenever there are mass shootings that garner national attention, the argument for stricter gun control is always reiterated. Simultaneously, we are also bombarded with commentary that denounces discussing gun control during the wake of such an emotional event. It is suggested that to do so is politicizing the deaths of those involved, thus it is disrespectful.

Many people feel that after the massacre in Las Vegas left over 50 dead and over 200 injured, it is the perfect time to discuss gun control. It shouldn’t be put off while people mourn, because tomorrow or next week something else will capture the attention of the media and the issue of gun control will be forgotten until the next mass shooting. Thus, the cycle of anger and denial will begin again. People in favor of gun control are arguing to prevent the next event, not wait for it.

In the following clip, CBS News talks about gun control in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.

Others feel that gun control isn’t something that should be discussed after a mass shooting, because people are not thinking clearly. They are operating in a heightened emotional state, and are more interested in finding some semblance of justice, even if that means taking the weapon used away. For those who do not agree with developing stricter gun control regulations, now is not the time to debate this. Now is the time to focus on those who have lost loved ones.

In the following video clip, Sarah Sanders explains that now is not the time to talk about gun control.

The issue

Is there ever a best time to discuss gun control? In light of the fact that 20 children and at least six adults died in the Sandy Hook mass shooting, 32 people died in the Virginia Tech mass shooting, 49 people died as a result of the mass shooting in Orlando, and 50 plus people just died in the Las Vegas strip mass shooting, is it an appropriate time to debate gun control? On the other hand, is it more appropriate to wait until people are calmer to debate the validity of one of our constitutional rights?

In support of debating gun control now

In opposition to debating gun control now

So, should we talk about gun control right now?


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