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L.A. may charge drivers by the mile, adding freeway tolls to cut congestion. Do you think it will be a good strategy?

'Congestion Pricing' Plan Proposed For Downtown LA Commuters

For years, Southern California lawmakers have tried to steer clear of decisions that make driving more expensive or miserable, afraid of angering one of their largest groups of constituents. However, according to media reports, now congestion has grown so bad in Los Angeles County that politicians are seriously considering charging drivers by the mile, adding freeway tolls to cut congestion.

Some media analysts believe that although this strategy that has stirred controversy but helped cities in other parts of the world tame their own traffic. Thus, they believe that this strategy could help to curb the congestion problem in Southern California. Whereas, others believe that Politicians just want to put more burden on the citizens in the name of congestion tax.

This scenario instigated a debate across social media regarding whether adding freeway tolls to cut congestion is a good strategy?

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