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Kanye West quit politics, says I have been used. Do you believe that he was used?

Yes, Kanye West was used by politicians

Those who believe that Kanye West was used by politicians argue that he is right to quit politics. They support their position by arguing that Kanye West is understandably upset, as any person would be if their name was being used without their express permission. It does not get any deeper than that. A debate participant added that “Kanye West became associated with a campaign led by conservative activist Candace Owens that encourages black voters to leave the Democratic Party. Trump was using him as bait for votes. Kanye is right to distance himself from these people”. Another debate participant added that “Wow if Kanye West can realize his errors, admit them, and come around, there is hope for anyone and everyone!!”

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Written by Darren Silverman

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