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Judge Ginsburg, 85, falls in her office, breaks 3 ribs. Should Ginsburg retire?

Screenshot from CNN on Youtube Fans offer Justice Ginsburg ribs after fall

Recently, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell in her office and fractured three ribs. The 85-year-old liberal justice was admitted to a hospital Thursday. “Tests showed that she fractured three ribs on her left side and she was admitted for observation and treatment,” the statement from the court said.

Some media analysts believe that Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg should retire because she falls while on duty, it means that she is not in her best state to serve as the SCOTUS. Whereas, others argued that Judge Ginsburg is an excellent Judge and she can serve as long as she wishes to serve as SCOTUS.

This scenario instigated a debate across social media regarding whether Judge Ginsburg should retire from the Supreme Court?

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Written by Darren Silverman

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