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Is Trump’s healthcare executive order good for the country?

Screen shot from Fox News' YouTube video: What would Trump's new health care order mean for you?
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Thursday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that he feels is starting the process to repealing Obamacare. His executive order directs agencies to issue new regulations or guidance on healthcare. It allows bare-bones plans. These plans will be cheaper because there will be less coverage in them, so healthy people will, in all likelihood, opt for them, meaning there will be less healthy people in the Obamacare markets, causing premiums to go up further. This, in turn, will make the Obamacare markets more unstable. Another aspect of the order will allow small business and other groups to join together to buy insurance through association plans. It also allows people to buy insurance across state lines that may suit their needs better. Most people do not know the long term effect this order will have on healthcare. Do you support President Trump’s executive order?

Those who support his order like that he is removing the restrictions on buying healthcare across state lines. They also see the order as giving people more choices in their healthcare plans. Plus, many of the people in favor of the order have a burning hatred for Obamacare and they see any weakening of it as a good thing. They feel that the president is keeping his word to improve healthcare in this country, and this order is proof of that.

People who oppose the order see the president trying to sabotage Obamacare. They feel, after his complete failure to pass a plan in Congress, that he is now going to try to destroy Obamacare through executive order. They feel the president is being a complete hypocrite on the use of executive orders to govern, when he was so critical of President Obama whenever he signed an executive order. They do not believe he is trying to make healthcare in this country better; they think he is just trying to destroy President Obama’s legacy.

With his signing of the executive order today, President Trump has restarted a healthcare debate in this country. He is attempting to change healthcare coverage by executive order where he failed in Congress. His order will allow people to buy cheaper plans that will provide less coverage. This is good for healthy people but we don’t know what this will do to costs for sick people.

In this clip, Fox News covers what is in the executive order:

The Issue

Is President Trump’s healthcare executive order a good thing? Is his order giving the American people better choices when it comes to their health insurance, or is his order a blatant attack on Obamacare that will hurt the American people?

In support of Trump’s healthcare executive order

Those in favor feel the order is giving them more control of their health insurance. They see it as lifting unfair rules and regulations when it comes to health insurance.

In opposition to Trump’s healthcare executive order

Those who oppose the order see this as yet another deliberate attempt to sabotage Obamacare. The president is now trying, through the power of the pen, to do what he completely failed to do in Congress.

So, do you think President Trump’s healthcare executive order is beneficial for the United States as a whole?

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