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Is Tom Steyer right that President Trump should be impeached?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Billionaire explains $20M campaign to impeach Trump

Tom Steyer may be the biggest donor the Democratic party has and he is not afraid to go after what he wants. Right now, Steyer is leading a campaign to impeach President Trump. He is funding a $20 million ad campaign to try forcing Congress to start impeachment proceedings. This is giving the Democratic establishment a lot of difficulties because they believe they have a good chance at retaking Congress in 2018. Steyer’s campaign could place that in jeopardy as it may scare off moderate Republicans and Independents who might think the Democrats are trying to overreach, much as the Republicans did with President Clinton in the ’90s. There is also a belief that Steyer may be doing this to raise his profile as he contemplates a run for Senate in California. Still, Steyer is tapping into the far left’s dreams of removing President Trump from office as soon as possible. His ad campaign does raise the question: Should Congress impeach President Trump?

Tom Steyer on CNN’s State of the Union discussing his campaign for impeachment:

The Issue

Should President Trump be impeached? Has he violated his oath of office and broken the law? Or, is Tom Steyer just bitter because the Democrats lost the election?

Page 2: Arguments for President Trump’s impeachment

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