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Is Tom Cotton the right person to run the CIA?

Screenshot from Washington Post's YouTube video: Sen. Tom Cotton: 'Not in our national security interests' to recertify Iran Nuclear Deal

With what appears to be a coming major shake-up in the Trump administration, many are speculating what the new national security team will look like. Word of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson leaving and likely to be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo leaves a vacancy at CIA. The name that has floated to the top of possible new CIA heads is Arkansas freshman Senator Tom Cotton. Cotton is a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law School, and is 40 years old. He is a combat veteran who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cotton had one term in the House before moving on to the Senate, and is seen by many in the Republican party as a rising star who could possibly be president one day. He does have considerable baggage though. Cotton wrote the controversial letter signed by 47 Republican senators to Iranian leaders, warning against making a deal with President Obama, in March of 2015. He also is a big believer in waterboarding, which has put him at odds with many in D.C. and the military. With all that, he is the reported front-runner, so a question must be asked. Is Tom Cotton the right choice to be the next CIA director?

The Washington Post showing a video of Senator Tom Cotton discussing the Iran Nuclear Deal:

The Issue

Is Tom Cotton the right choice to be the next director of the CIA? Is he the type of person we need right now? Or, is he an inexperienced lightweight who will be in over his head trying to run the CIA?

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