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Is the Fix NICS Act a good first step towards bipartisan gun control reform?

Screenshot from The Young Turks YouTube video: Bipartisan Gun Control Actually Happening?
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In the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, a group of bipartisan senators have come together to try to fix some of the existing gun control laws. Senator John Cornyn of Texas and Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, with other senators, have introduced the Fix NICS Act. The bill is designed to strengthen the existing background check system through incentives and penalties for state and federal agencies to be in compliance with the current requirements of the current system. It would also give funding for a Domestic Abuse and Violence Prevention Initiative. The introduction of this bill in the Senate causes a question to come to mind: Is this a good first step towards stronger gun control laws?

People who feel this is a good first step believe that any bipartisan effort towards gun control is great. It has seemed to many in the country that the partisan divide is so bad that finding common ground on anything by them is nothing short of a miracle. Some feel that, by the parties working together on this and reaching a deal, people will be made to believe they can work together in other areas and things might start to change. Finally, they feel funding to try to prevent domestic abusers from getting guns is a very good thing.

Those who feel it is not a good first step think this is a meaningless gesture. They feel that all the senators are doing is trying to give incentives for following the laws that are currently on the books. Instead of making a new law, people feel they should just enforce the ones we already have. Many view this as a publicity stunt just to quiet the outcry from people after the run of mass shootings. They want Congress to do something real about the problem, not just give lip service about trying to do something.

The Young Turks discuss the bipartisan gun control effort:

The Issue

Is the Fix NICS Act a good first step towards bipartisan gun control reform? Is this the beginning of Congress finally working together on this issue? Or, is this just a stunt to get people to leave Congress alone about gun control?

Yes, the Fix NICS Act is a good first step towards gun control reform

Those who feel this is a good first step say that Congress finding any agreement on this issue is a good thing. They feel that if they can do this together, they can find other areas to work together on, and soon we will have real reform.

No, the Fix NICS Act is not a good first step towards gun control reform

People who think this is not a good first step say that this is a giant waste of time. They feel that the government should just enforce the laws we already have, not give rewards to agencies for doing what they are supposed to do.

Is the Fix NICS Act a good first step towards real gun control reform?

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