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Is the White Lives Matter movement racist?

Screenshot from CBS News' YouTube video: White nationalists hold "White Lives Matter" rallies held in Tennessee
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Saturday, in Tennessee, there were to be two White Lives Matter rallies. The first in Shelbyville, Tennessee, was met with a much larger counter-protest. Both sides remained peaceful and there were no incidents of violence. Around one in the afternoon, the White Lives Matter rally ended and the protesters boarded their bus and left. They were supposed to head to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, for a second rally. but that rally was cancelled. While many white supremacists support the White Lives Matter movement, the question must be asked: Is the White Lives Matter movement, itself, racist?

Those who feel the White Lives Matter movement is not racist argue that White Lives Matter is no different than Black Lives Matter. They feel that if African-Americans can protest and fight for their rights, why can’t white people.? They feel if minorities can be proud of who they are and where their people came from, then so should white people. Also, if movements such as White Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter sat down and talked and listened to each other, then maybe some real progress could be made about race relations in this country.

People who feel that White Lives Matter is racist argue that the driving force behind the movement is white supremacy, so the movement must be racist. They argue that, to compare it to Black Lives Matter is wrong, because Black Lives Matter is about protesting police brutality, and the police aren’t beating and shooting unarmed white people. Also, they feel it is racist because many protesters carry Nazi symbols and chant Nazi slogans. Finally, it is racist because the protests to them are about maintaining white power over minorities.

People should be proud of their heritage no matter their origin. Pride in a person’s heritage is not racist in itself, but you should not take pride in the shameful acts of your ancestors. When you promote and use symbols and chants of groups who butchered countless people in the past, in the name of genetic superiority, then that is racist. Is the White Lives Matter movement racist? We will have to judge it by its actions.

In this clip, CBS News covers White Lives Matter rallies in Tennessee:

The Issue

Is the White Lives Matter movement racist? Is the movement a display of pride and a fight for the rights of white people, or is this just white supremacy trying to overshadow the Black Lives Matter movement?

White Lives Matter is not a racist movement

People who feel White Lives Matter is not racist say that the movement is about fighting for the rights of white people. They feel that they are also showing off their pride in their heritage.

White Lives Matter is a racist movement

Those who feel White Lives Matter is racist say that it is just another display by white supremacists. They say that the protesters are using Nazi symbols and chants so it must be racist.

Do you think the White Lives Matter movement is racist?

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