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Is the Trump reelection campaign ad, ‘Complicit,’ a good political ad?

Screenshot from Donald J. Trump for President's YouTube video: Complicit

A new controversial ad called “Complicit” was recently published by President Trump’s reelection campaign. It states that Democrats will be “complicit in all murders committed by illegal immigrants” if they persist in blocking the construction of the border wall, and demanding a new DACA deal. The video’s narrator continues, “President Trump will fix our border and keep our families safe.”

In a statement released about the ad, Michael S. Glassner, Executive Director of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., is quoted as saying:

“Donald Trump was elected President to build the wall and keep American families safe from evil, illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes against lawful U.S. citizens…..Yet, one year after President Trump’s Inauguration, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats continue to put the interests of illegal immigrants over those of Americans. Our new campaign ad draws attention to the stark contrast between ‘complicit’ Democrats and the President for his full commitment to build a wall and fix our border to protect Americans from drugs, murder and other atrocities.”

According to Reuters, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s spokesman responded to the ad, saying:

“This is a shameless attempt by the president to distract from the Trump shutdown. Rather than campaigning, he should do his job and negotiate a deal to open the government address the needs of the American people.”

This ad was released the day the government shutdown started, which also marked the completion of Trump’s first year as president. The shutdown was caused by disagreements between congressional Republicans and Democrats on immigration. This raises the question: Is “Complicit” a good political ad?

The campaign ad, “Complicit,” released by Donald J. Trump for President

The Issue

Is the Trump campaign ad, “Complicit,” a good political ad? Does it make a compelling argument against the Democrats’ stance on immigration? Or, is it simply an inaccurate, sweeping claim by the president’s campaign? 

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