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Is Silicon Valley really a den of spies?

Screenshot from Fox News on Youtube Russian and Chinese spies accused of stealing Silicon Valley secrets - fox news

Recently, Zack Dorfman published an article in Politico Magazine. This article explained how Silicon Valley became a den of spies. Throughout the article, Dorfman argued that the West Coast is becoming a growing target of foreign espionage. Furthermore, he also stressed that Silicon Valley is not ready to fight back this growing number of foreign espionage activities.

Some media analysts argued that Zack Dorfman portrayed a real image of Silicon Valley. They demanded that government and tech giants should develop strategies and framework to tackle this problem. Whereas, others argued that there is no such thing as a den of spies. They argued that Silicon Valley is a symbol of technological advancement.

This scenario instigated a debate over social media regarding whether Silicon Valley is a den of spies?

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