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Is Robert Mueller’s investigation now tainted?

Screenshot from Fox News' YouTube video: Mueller probe: When an investigation needs an investigation

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his investigation are facing new scrutiny over text messages between two members of the FBI, one of whom is a former member of his team. Peter Strzok, an FBI counterintelligence agent who was assigned to the Russia investigation, and Lisa Page, an in-house attorney for the FBI, have had over 300 of their texts released to the media. In these text messages, they disparage President Trump, Senator Bernie Sanders, and others. When these messages were discovered several months ago by Mueller and his team, Strzok was immediately removed from the investigation. Still, Republican members of Congress and the conservative media have used these discovered messages as proof that Mueller’s investigation is tainted.

The political right has become more and more unhappy with Mueller’s investigation for quite awhile now. The leaks from the investigation have upset them. They also feel he is going beyond the scoop of his mandate and looking into things that have nothing to do with the original cause of the investigation. Mueller still has the support of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the only man who can fire him. Still, these discovered text messages, and the Republicans, raise a question. Is Robert Mueller’s investigation tainted?

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley discussing the Mueller investigation with Tucker Carlson on Fox News:

The Issue

Is Robert Mueller’s investigation now tainted? Has he put together a team with too many partisan Democrats on it? Or, is he doing a great job and the president and his allies are trying to discredit him?

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