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Is Robert Mueller the right man for the job?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Toobin: Robert Mueller a brilliant choice
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Late Friday night, news broke that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller had filed the first charges in his investigation of Russia involvement in the 2016 presidential election. When Mueller was appointed special prosecutor on May 17, 2017, he was heralded by both sides of the aisle as the perfect choice – a former FBI director who was confirmed 98-0 under George W. Bush and also served under Barack Obama. He seemed a natural choice, but there have been concerns raised about his impartiality due to his friendship with his successor at the FBI, James Comey, whose firing was what prompted Mueller’s appointment in the first place. This makes one wonder: Is Robert Mueller the right person to be leading such a critical investigation?

People who believe that Robert Mueller is the right man for the job point to his stellar reputation. He has served his country for nearly 30 years and has earned the respect of nearly all of Washington. Also, his history of being a United States attorney gives him the background in leading investigations and then prosecuting criminal cases. Those who support Mueller also argue that the recent rumors of him having some kind of shady dealings with the Clintons in his past, or that he lacks impartiality, are the desperate attempts by allies of President Trump to discredit Mueller and distract people from his investigation of the president.

Those who feel Mueller is not the right person for this post, and feel he should possibly even be removed, argue that he is not impartial. They feel that his close friendship with fired former FBI director Jim Comey gives him a grudge against the president. They argue that, if there is even a chance that he did something inappropriate involving the now infamous Russia uranium deal, that he should be removed immediately. Finally, they view him as a creature of Washington and, if the president and his campaign should be investigated, then someone from outside Washington should do the job, because the president has vowed to clean out the Washington establishment.

Russia’s involvement in our election has hung over President Trump and the country since the closing days of the 2016 election. For the good of the country, the truth must be found so we all can move on. Will the special prosecutor’s investigation do that for us? Hopefully. Is Robert Mueller the man to lead that investigation? We shall see.

Here CNN covers the appointment of Robert Mueller as special prosecutor:

The Issue

Is Robert Mueller the right person to lead the investigation into Russia and the 2016 presidential election? Is he a career prosecutor who has an impeccable record, or is he a biased man who has a grudge against the president?

Yes, Robert Mueller is the right person to lead the investigation

Those who feel Robert Mueller is the right choice say that he is an honest and honorable man who has the background to get to the bottom of what happened.

No, Robert Mueller is the wrong person to lead the investigation

People who feel Robert Mueller is the wrong choice say that he is a creature of Washington with a personal grudge against the president.

Do you think Robert Mueller is the right person to lead the investigation?

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