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Is Robert Mueller exceeding his authority as special prosecutor?

Screenshot from Bloomberg Politics' YouTube video: Mueller Said to Subpoena Trump's Deutsche Bank Records

Reports surfaced recently that special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation is now looking into the Trump family’s finances. It has come out that, several weeks ago, Mueller subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for data on accounts held by President Trump and his family. Mueller was looking for information about certain money and credit transfers. Deutsche Bank is Germany’s largest bank and has lent the Trump Organization hundreds of millions of dollars in the past for real estate ventures.

Mueller has been tasked with determining if President Trump or his campaign had colluded with the Russian’s during the 2016 presidential election. Several former campaign members have pleaded guilty or have been indicted by Mueller and his team. With Mueller now apparently diving into the president’s personal finances, a question comes to mind. Is Robert Mueller exceeding his authority as special prosecutor during this investigation?

Bloomberg Politics covering Mueller and Deutsche Bank:

The Issue

Is Robert Mueller exceeding his authority as special prosecutor? Is Mueller turning this investigation into a witch hunt? Or, is he merely following the trail of evidence wherever it takes him?

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