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Is President Trump’s first National Security Strategy the right approach to dealing with the world?

Screenshot from CBS News' YouTube video: Trump calls Russia, China "rival powers" in national security speech

President Trump, on Monday, released the administration’s first National Security Strategy. The administration’s strategy has a much more “America first” feel to it than past administrations. In the strategy, America focuses on protecting the country at home, maintaining peace through strength, promoting the country’s prosperity, and fighting to advance America’s influence abroad. The strategy puts forward a philosophy that America will do what is best for America, whether our allies or our enemies like it. The strategy views countries like Russia and China as rivals, and portrays them as countries trying to challenge America and its power and influence.

This new approach, while putting America first, does risk isolating it from the rest of the world. China’s embassy released a statement that was reported on by NPR, “It is completely egotistical for any nation to put its interests above the common interests of other nations and the international community. It will lead to a path of self-isolation.” It went on to say, “The Americans on one hand say they want to develop a partnership with China, but on the other hand they take an oppositional stance. This is contradictory.” Given China’s reaction to the new strategy, a question comes to mind. Is this new strategy the right approach to dealing with other countries?

CBS News interviewing Matthew Kroenig about President Trump’s National Security Strategy:

The Issue

Is the president’s new National Security Strategy the right approach to take when dealing with other countries? Is this the approach every president should take? Or, is President Trump’s new strategy dangerous, and can further isolated the country from the rest of the world?

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