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Is President Trump too “unstable” to have control of nuclear weapons?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Some Democrats concerned Trump too 'unstable' for nukes
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Tuesday, on Capitol Hill, some members of Congress showed concern for the president’s stability and his control of the nuclear arsenal. The Foreign Affairs Committee sought reassurance on the launch procedures for nuclear weapons, from a panel of experts on national security. They were concerned because President Trump has indicated a willingness to use nuclear weapons in a first strike against North Korea, and the president, not Congress, can authorize a nuclear attack. There is a perception by many that President Trump is quick-tempered and thin-skinned and he could react impulsively, causing a nuclear war. The concern by members of the committee causes a question to be asked: Is President Trump too “unstable” to be able to authorize the use of nuclear weapons?

Those who feel he is too “unstable,” think he must have his authorization removed. They argue that his use of Twitter and his speeches prove he is volatile. They feel that his constant rants about his political enemies on Twitter prove he has no self-control. They feel that he is constantly getting in his own way with his impulsive decisions – like his firing of the FBI director during an FBI investigation of his campaign, which forced the Department Of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor, and made people feel he had obstructed justice. Finally, they contend he is unwilling to ever let a perceived slight go, causing him to  attack the person or group by whom he feels insulted. This makes him appear to some as being slightly unhinged.

People who feel he should retain authorization of the nuclear weapons argue that this debate is a political smear by his opponents. They feel this is another attempt by Democrats in Congress to undermine the president, and that they are imagining dangers that are not really there. They argue that, if they really wanted to do something to keep the country safe, they should try to stop the nuclear program in North Korea, not bother the president. Finally, they fear that, in the case of a nuclear attack, the country would lose too much time trying to get Congress to act, to defend itself properly.

CNN presented Democrats’ fear about the president and his stability:

The Issue

Is President Trump too “unstable” to have authorization over nuclear weapons? Is the president too hot-tempered and thin-skinned to have control of nuclear weapons, or is this just another attempt to undermine the president?

In opposition to Trump retaining control of nuclear weapons

People who feel the president is too unstable to keep control say that his statements and actions are proof that he is unstable. They feel that his impulsive behavior and quick temper are a clear and present danger to the United States.

In support of Trump retaining control of nuclear weapons

Those who believe he should maintain control say that his enemies are imagining things. They feel that the president is perfectly stable and that his enemies’ hatred for him are blinding them. They feel it would be more dangerous to give Congress the authority, than for the president to keep it.

What do you think? Is President Trump too “unstable” to have authority over the use of nuclear weapons?

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