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Is President Trump right to name North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Trump holds Cabinet meeting (full remarks)
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Monday saw President Trump ratchet up the pressure on North Korea by announcing his intention to place them back on the state sponsored terror list. He also announced that the United States would be imposing new sanctions on them as well. The country was on the list from 1987, after a Korean Air flight was bombed, killing 115 people. They were removed in 2008, during the George W. Bush administration. They join the Sudan, Iran, and Syria on the list. There are questions about this move as there are those out there that feel there is no basis for the designation. Also, this can possibly hurt any chance of a dialog with North Korea. This raises the question: Should President Trump have taken this step?

People who support President Trump on taking this step believe North Korea is a danger and must be stopped. They believe the country has probably been funding terrorists for years and, if they get a nuclear weapon, they will give it to terrorists as well. They argue that the United States has been too easy on North Korea for eight years and, now, we have no choice but to take a firm stand against them. They say we should call the country what it is, a terrorist state.

Those who don’t think he should take this step feel it is a bad strategic move. They feel he should give North Korea some space for a while so things will calm down. They argue that he has already put in stiff sanctions against the country and he should see how the sanctions work before doing more. They feel all he is doing is forcing them into trying harder to accomplish their goals. Finally, many out there feel the president is being hypocritical with the terror list because countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia, whom President Trump seems to like, have supported terrorists a lot more than North Korea.

CNN covering President Trump’s remarks:

The Issue

Is President Trump right to place North Korea back on the state sponsor of terrorism list? Does North Korea sponsor terrorists, which, if so, has to be stopped? Or is this a poor strategic move by the president?

President Trump was right to label North Korea a terror state

People who support this move by the president say that all he is doing is calling North Korea what they really are. They feel the country has funded terrorists for years and will give them a nuclear bomb if they get one.

President Trump is wrong to label North Korea a terror state

Those who don’t think he should have taken this step feel it is a poor strategic move. They feel that all he is doing is making things worse with North Korea, not better. They argue that they will never sit down and talk at this rate.

Do you think this is the right move for President Trump to take?

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