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Is President Trump right that CNN’s mistake was intentional?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Email to Trump Jr. offered WikiLeaks documents

On Friday, CNN reported a story claiming that Donald Trump, Jr., President Trump, and other top campaign officials received an email offer on September 4, 2016. The reason that email is so important is because it came from a man named Michael J. Erickson. Erickson was offering a website and decryption key for hacked Democratic National Committee documents. The timing of this email is crucial as WikiLeaks released these documents on September 13, 2016. The problem for CNN is that the date of the email was not September 4, but September 14. The email was talking about documents that had already been released. The network corrected their mistake and announced that the reporters would not be disciplined. This mistake and correction of that mistake did not go unnoticed by the president. He tweeted:

He followed with another tweet a short time later.

CNN and the president have been at war with each other for quite awhile now. With the relationship between them being so bad, and this mistake happening, a question comes to mind. Is the president right that this was an intentional mistake by CNN?

CNN video correcting the mistake they made on an earlier report:

The Issue

Is President Trump right that CNN’s mistake was intentional? Has the network made so many mistakes that they can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt? Or, was this an honest mistake made by honest people?

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