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Is President Trump politicizing the attack in New York?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Bill de Blasio: Trump, don't politicize tragedy
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Tuesday, New York suffered its worst terrorist attack since 9/11, when a man drove a truck down a Manhattan bike path killing eight people and injuring several others. Authorities have arrested a man they believe drove the truck, named Sayfullo Saipov, from Uzbekistan, a man who emigrated to this country in 2010. President Trump, in the wake of the attack, has started to once again demand immigration reform including a stronger investigation process of all immigrants. Immigration reform has always been a central part of President Trump’s agenda and his calls for immigration reform have caused some to accuse the president of politicizing the attack. The question should be asked: Is President Trump politicizing the attack on New York?

People who feel the president is politicizing the attack point to the way President Trump has reacted to other incidents in recent months; such as, how the White House claimed it was not time to talk about gun control after the Las Vegas mass shooting because that would be politicizing a tragedy, yet he is talking about immigration reform less then 24 hours after the attack. They point out that he is already pushing Congress for some action on immigration, which benefits him with his base, yet he has done nothing towards gun control, which his base is against. Finally, they feel that he doesn’t care about the people of New York, but about what the attack can do for him politically.

Those who don’t feel the president is politicizing the attack argue that he was elected to make this country strong again and that is what he is trying to do. They feel he is calling yesterday’s attack what it was, a terrorist attack, and he will not sugarcoat things for people. Those who voted for him want action and that is what the president is giving them. Finally, they feel the Democrats are the ones politicizing the attack, not the president.

The events in New York on Tuesday were horrible. A person turned an everyday vehicle into a murder machine and ended the lives of eight people and hurt many others. Once again, the great city of New York has been the victim of a terrorist attack. Is the president using this tragedy for his own gain? That is for each of us to decide.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on CNN says don’t politicize attack:

The Issue

Is President Trump politicizing the attack on New York for his own political gain? Is President Trump using what happened in New York to try and get the immigration reform he craves? Or, is he merely calling what happened in New York what it is: terrorism?

Yes, President Trump is politicizing the New York attack

Those who feel the president is politicizing the attack in New York say that just by the different ways he reacted to New York and Las Vegas is proof that he is.

No, President Trump is not politicizing the New York attack

People who feel he is not politicizing the attack say it is the Democrats, not the president, that are politicizing the attack. He is just trying to keep us safe.

What do you think? Is President Trump politicizing the attack in New York?

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