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Is President Trump mentally competent to be president of the United States?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Analysis: Trump's behavior raises questions about competency


The political left, since the early days of President Trump’s campaign for the White House, has questioned the president’s competency for the job. Those questions were renewed in force with the president’s actions over the last week. He has retweeted anti-Muslim videos posted by Jayda Fransen, a deputy in the far right Britain First party. This caused outrage throughout the United Kingdom because it was seen as helping to legitimize a fringe party. At an event that honored Native American war heroes, he called Senator Warren “Pocahontas.” In addition, with tensions on the verge of boiling over and war with North Korea seemingly getting closer every day, the president, in a speech, called the North Korean leader “Little Rocket Man” and a “sick puppy.” Questions have also arisen regarding the president’s war with media outlets he doesn’t like, most notably CNN, and reports that he is privately claiming the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape was faked, despite him publicly apologizing for his comments more than a year ago.

The president does have some things going well for him. The economy is doing better than it has in years. Plus, he and the Republicans are close to passing a major tax overhaul in Congress, giving the president his first big legislative win. In addition, the president has long cultivated a reputation of unpredictability, and it was his unpredictable and unorthodox campaign style that helped win him the presidency. However, given his actions over the past several days, a question remains: Is President Trump competent to be president of the United States?

CNN discussing President Trump’s behavior:

The Issue

Is President Trump competent to be the president of the United States? Are the questions about his competency an attempted smear by his political enemies? Or, is the president mentally unfit?

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