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Is Pete Buttigieg really overrated presidential candidate?

screenshot from FoxnewsCan South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg break out of a crowded field of Democratic presidential hopefuls
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Recently, media is giving a lot of coverage to Pete Buttigieg, because of two main reasons. These reasons are (1) he is a member of the LGBT community, (2) he is mayor of a 150k midwestern town (South Bend, Indiana).

Overall, there is some evidence that Buttigieg may be breaking out with some Democratic voters, but it’s easy to overstate his momentum. For instance, a Twitter user added that “I think he seems like a solid guy but he’s inexperienced – I don’t think being the mayor of a 150k midwestern town* qualifies you to be a contender for the Presidency”.

What do you think, is Pete Buttigieg really an overrated presidential candidate?


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Written by Darren Silverman