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Is man-made climate change a real thing?

Screenshot from CBS News' YouTube video: How climate change is leading to a longer Calif. wildfire season

In recent days, we have seen a freak snowstorm in south Texas, huge snowfall in Atlanta, wildfires burning through southern California, and the heartbreaking video that has been all over the internet of a polar bear starving to death. These things are all unusual. You don’t see a foot of snow around Atlanta early in December, or 2.5 inches of snow in San Antonio when they had not seen snow since 1987. California’s wildfire season is extending to possibly as late as January. Polar bears are starving up in Canada because of a lack of ice on which the bears hunt, fish, and travel. All of these things happening makes the question come to mind: Is man-made climate change a real thing?

CBS News weather report talking about climate change causing longer wildfire season in California:

The Issue

Is man-made climate change a real thing? Is there ample proof that it is real all around us? Or, is man-made climate change a hoax by some who are pushing their own political agenda?

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Written by Darren Silverman