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Is Jeff Flake the right person to lead the call for ‘country over party’?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Jeff Flake writes check to Democrat opposing Roy Moore

Senator Jeff Flake has been one of the biggest Republican critics of Roy Moore, who is running for Senate in Alabama. Tuesday he showed he is putting his money where his mouth is when he tweeted:

Flake has indicated in the past he would vote for any Democrat over Moore. Flake has been outspoken in his views on the direction politics and the Republican party are going under President Trump. Roy Moore is the symbol of all Senator Flake has railed against. He is an antiestablishment Republican candidate who has been accused of sexual misconduct with several teenage girls. For all his stated differences and disapproval of the president and men like Roy Moore, Flake has still continued to vote for the president’s agenda in the Senate. This raises the question: Is Jeff Flake the right person to be calling for “country over party”?

CNN discussing the impact of Jeff Flake’s contribution to Doug Jones campaign:

The Issue

Is Jeff Flake the right person to lead the call for “country over party”? Is Flake showing himself to be a true leader? Or, is he nothing more than a hypocrite who has always chosen party over country when it comes time to vote?

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