Is homeschooling a viable option for educating our children?

Screen shot from Fox News' YouTube video: Homeschooling on the rise in America
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As parents, we worry about many things when it comes to our kids going to school. There is the quality of education they are receiving, and the type of things our children will be exposed to while at school. Will our children be bullied by some other child or even a teacher? Would a public or private school be best for our kids? Some parents believe they have found a third option, when it comes to what type of school their kids can attend, in the form of homeschooling. This begs the question: Is homeschooling a viable option for educating our children?

Those in favor of homeschooling have many reasons why they like it. They feel that their kids will get the most out of their education if they can go at their own pace instead of being forced to keep up or slow down to match everyone else in the classroom. Also, it allows the parents to control to what their kids are being exposed. Plus, with the child being homeschooled, the child doesn’t have to worry about being bullied by someone else. Finally, it allows the parents to instill the beliefs and values they desire their kids to have, instead of a teacher or school board.

People against homeschooling feel that homeschooling a child will stunt their growth when it comes to social interaction with others. They argue that not all parents who are homeschooling their kids are qualified to do so, giving the child a much poorer quality education than the kids being educated by private and public schools. In addition, by homeschooling your children, you are sheltering them from the real world, making them unprepared to deal with it. Finally, you are denying your child the opportunity to meet and experience people with different beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

Parents want the best for their children and that includes the best education possible. We want our kids to be happy and enjoy their childhood. Also, we have to make sure our kids are the most prepared they can be to go into the world and be a success. It is up to the parents to make sure that happens.

Fox News interviewed a man who is homeschooling his children:

The Issue

Is homeschooling a viable option for educating our children? Does homeschooling allow children to get the most out of their education, or is homeschooling stunting the child’s growth when it comes to social interaction?

In favor of homeschooling

Those in favor of homeschooling say you are putting the parents back in control of their children’s education. They feel that parents are the ones best suited to instill the types of values and beliefs they want their children to have, not the school system.

Against homeschooling

Those who oppose homeschooling say that parents who home school their children are denying them one of life’s most important experiences in going to school and meeting new people.

So, what do you think? Is homeschooling a viable option for education?

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