Is global warming real?

Screenshot from CBS News' YouTube video: Will global warming lead to Earth's demise?
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With the recent fires in California and Portugal, and the hurricanes that ripped through the United States and the one to hit Ireland recently, we are witnessing some frightening changes to our weather. In addition, we are seeing record high temperatures around the world week after week, month after month, year after year. Plus, the ever growing size of storms is also alarming. It does make one wonder what is going on with the planet. Undoubtedly, our world’s weather is changing right now. This begs a question: Is global warming real?

Those who believe global warming is real point, right away, to the rising temperatures as proof that global warming is real. They argue, what else but global warming could cause a hurricane to hit Ireland in October? Also, the long term extreme drought in California and high temperatures that made the fires there so bad are other examples of global warming. In addition, they point to the melting ice caps as yet another example of global warming. Finally, they point to the record-sized storms as yet more proof that global warming is real.

People who feel global warming is not real argue that the world’s weather has always gone through cycles in the earth’s past, and this is just another changing weather cycle. They argue that the planet has had a number of ice ages in its past when the earth was cooler, and now the planet is warming some and it will eventually go back to what we are accustomed. Finally, there are those out there that believe global warming is a hoax and we have nothing to worry about.

Our world is always evolving and will continue to do so in the future. The changes we are experiencing in our planet’s weather is something to which we are going to have to adapt. Whether those changes are man-made or not, we are still going to have to live with what is to come.

Here is CBS News’ interview David Wallace-Wells about his article on global warming:

The Issue

Are the rising temperatures and increasingly larger storms proof that global warming is real, or is global warming a hoax?

Yes, global warming is real

Those that believe global warming is real say that proof is all around you to see. Record high temperatures and record-sized storms are evidence that global warming is real.

No, global warming is not real

Those that feel global warming is not real say the world is always changing and that we are just in a warming cycle and eventually things will get back to normal.

So, what do you think? Is global warming real?

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